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In Ovo Development of Quail Embryo (HH2 to Circulation)
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Guojun Sheng

Published on SDB CoRe: Nov 7 2012

Organisms: Vertebrates
Tools & Techniques: Microscopy
Morphogenic Movements: Gastrulation; Neurulation; Somitogenesis
Embryonic Patterning: Axis Formation
Morphogenesis: Cell/Tissue Polarity
Mesoderm-derived: Cardiovascular System; Somites
Ectoderm-derived: Nervous System
Extraembryonic: Extraembryonic Tissues
Organism: Quail
Stage of Development: Embryo

Object Description

This movie was taken in ovo. It spans the first 43 hours of development of the Japanese quail (10 minutes per frame). This period corresponds to stage HH2 to the initation of circulation (~HH14).  The movie contains three parts: 1) an introduction of blastoderm organization (00:00-00:17), 2) 43h of quail development with animated descriptions (00:17-00:59), and 3) 43h of quail development uninterrupted (00:59-01:20).


Ainsworth, S.J., Stanley, R.L., Evans, D.J.R. Developmental stages of the Japanese quail. Journal of Anatomy, 2010, 216:3-15.

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