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Nurse Cell Dumping and Ooplasmic Streaming
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Elizabeth Gavis

Published on SDB CoRe: Mar 15 2013

Organisms: Invertebrates
The Germline: Oogenesis
Organism: Drosophila
Stage of Development: Oogenesis

Object Description

A time-lapse movie of a Drosophila egg chamber dissected at stage 10b and cultured for 2 hours. Nurse cell nuclei and nuclei of the follicle cells that surround the egg chamber are labeled with a GFP marker. The nurse cells are contracting and dumping their contents into the oocyte, resulting in a dramatic enlargement of the oocyte. Ooplasmic streaming, which mixes the nurse cell and oocyte contents can be visualized by the counterclockwise flow of autofluorescent yolk granules.  Each second represents 7.5 min of oogenesis.


This movie was originally published in: Forrest, K.M. and Gavis, E.R. Live Imaging of Endogenous RNA Reveals a Diffusion and Entrapment Mechanism for nanos mRNA Localization in Drosophila. Current Biology, 2003, 13:1159-1168. 

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